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Central Power Plant Boiler Expansion

Yale’s Central Power Plant Boiler Expansion project houses new boilers in an addition to the original 1917 masonry plant. The new boilers will provide redundant steam capacity; along with an existing auxiliary boiler, the two new boilers will give Yale Central Power Plant the capacity to produce approximately 300,000 PPH of steam, even if all of the existing gas turbines are out of service. Work also included a facade redesign and interior renovation of a previous addition, and the design of a new control room.


The 11,000 gsf plant expansion is located in a former service yard along an increasingly active pedestrian route that connects to a growing portion of the campus. The addition was designed to complement, but not mimic, the collegiate gothic style of the original building, with proportions that reference the verticality and mass of the original gothic exhaust stacks. Portions of the curtain wall open, or can be removed completely, to service or replace equipment in the Boiler Hall.

Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut
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