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Sterling Power Plant Cogeneration & Expansion

This Cogeneration project includes renovations and new construction expanding the Yale University Sterling Power Plant, a key facility providing heating, cooling and electrical service to the adjacent Yale University School of Medicine academic and laboratory buildings. The project reuses Sterling Power Plant’s existing “cool pool,” an underground concrete structure which contained approximately 3 million gallons of water which was chilled at night and used in the daytime for cooling. Changes in technology and energy rates rendered the cool pool obsolete, giving Yale the opportunity to re-use the bulk of the structure.  This expansion recycles the existing cool pool and augments the power plant with a new cogeneration facility planned to generate 15 megawatts of electricity and 180,000 pounds of steam for the surrounding campus with a smaller carbon footprint than the two energy sources would create if generated independently. 

2012 AIA CT Honor Award for Design

Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, Connecticut