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Central Power Plant Boiler Expansion

Completed in the spring of 2017, this expansion to UVM’s Central Power Plant provides cooling capacity to handle the additional loads created by a new STEM facility and new Residence Hall. The design of the 3000sf addition recognizes that the building sits at an important pedestrian crossroads on campus and within the University Green historic district. The color, form, materials and 3-dimensional modeling of the building walls make the addition a comfortable neighbor and positive addition to this part of the campus.


The cooling tower enclosure wall is designed to be tall enough to visually conceal and acoustically shield the required cooling towers and associated pumps and equipment.  It is designed in a classic three-part division, a base, middle, and top, in order to reduce the scale of the structure and to provide visual interest. The enclosure wall is also curved in plan on the north east side in response to a primary pedestrian pathway leading from Bailey-Howe Library and the New Residence Hall to the new STEM project and beyond.

University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont
UVM Chiller Expansion 01